4 Cheap & Best Ways To Lower Your Car

Lowering cars is fast becoming a modification done by most car enthusiasts. People are always looking for modifications that do not just add to the performance of their cars but also to achieve a more sporty or aggressive look. This is one reason people opt to lower their cars or lift them.

Truck users usually opt to lift their cars, and this is because it makes their trucks look more exotic and intimidating. Whichever modification you choose to do, depends on what you want from your vehicle. 

It could be tricky to choose what lowering method you can use for your vehicle. Numerous lowering methods are available in the market today, and without the right knowledge, you can end up doing the wrong lowering. 

If you are looking for the right lowering method that is also cheap, this is the right article. I will be showing you some of the cheapest ways to lower your car. These methods are not just cheap but are also reliable. 

Here is a list of 4 cheap ways to lower your car. 

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1. Cutting Stock Springs ($0-$100)

Cutting the stock spring is one of the cheapest ways to lower your car. The springs become stiff once they are cut and provides a driving experience of a sports car – like with a shorter coil spring

What makes it stand out is that you can do it for free; it’s DIY-able. Instead of replacing your stock spring with shorter ones, you can opt for cutting the initial springs in your car. This process will give you the same effect as replacing the springs. 

There is nothing to worry about if the process is done correctly. It is why I will be showing you a detailed guide on how to cut your stock spring to lower your car.


Guide Cutting a Stock Spring 

Tools Needed:

  1. Jack 
  2. Measuring tape 
  3. Coil compressor 
  4. Hacksaw 
  5. Hand tools 
  6. Tire chocks 


A step-by-step guide to Cut Your Stock Spring 

  1. Raise the area you will be working on first with a jack. 
  2. Proceed to remove the tire by unscrewing the nuts and then removing the tire.
  3. Remove the strut of the car. If you do not know what a strut is, it holds the shock absorbers and coil to the tire. You can follow your car manual to guide you on properly removing the strut. 
  4. Use a measuring tape to measure the spring while still in the strut.
  5. Then proceed to detach the spring from the strut using a coil compressor.
  6. Before cutting the spring, you should know how much you will be lowering your car.
  7. Then measure 1/2 of the lowering length on the spring and mark the place you will cut. 
  8. Go on to cut the marked part with a hacksaw.
  9. Install the cut spring into the strut and reinstall it into the car.
  10. Repeat the process for all sides.
  11. Fix in the tires and then repeat the process with all sides. 

Cutting springs can be done D.I.Y

Do note that using heat when cutting the spring will damage it. Heated springs will become soft and will not carry the vehicle’s weight.

This method of lowering your car does not need you to spend a lot, except if it’s done by a professional – then it could cost $100.

2. Lowering The Torsion Bar ($0-1$100)

Another way to lower your car is to lower the torsion bar- which is a long steel that is part of the car’s suspension. It is a steel bar that acts as a spring for the vehicle’s suspension system. 

It is another cheap method of lowering your car if you are using a car with a torsion bar.

Not all cars make use of the torsion bar. The procedure of lowering the torsion bar is easy and may require little or no spending, just like cutting the coil spring, as long as the procedure is followed properly.

I will be showing you a detailed procedure on how to lower your car through the Torsion bar. 


Guide On Lowering A Torsion Bar 

Tools Needed 

  1. Jack 
  2. Measuring tape 
  3. Wrench
  4. Hand tools 
  5. Tire chocks  


A step-by-step guide to Lower Your Torsion  

  1. Ensure your car is parked on level ground to avoid unnecessary stress on you during the process.    
  2. Use a measuring tape to measure the distance between the fender and the tire. 
  3. Using the control arms, you easily locate the torsion bar. The Torsion bar can be found between the control arms. If you are still having difficulty finding it, you can refer to the car’s manual. 
  4. On the side of the torsion bar, you will find the adjustment screw. It is useful for adjusting the tires. 
  5. Use the jack to lift the car. 
  6. Using a wrench, locate the torsion screw, and then turn the screw in a counterclockwise direction. 
  7. Make sure you note how many times you turn the wrench so you can do the same to the other parts of the vehicle.
  8. Repeat the procedure with other parts of the vehicle.
  9. Measure the distance between the tire and the fender and ensure it is the same as every other part of the vehicle. 

Torsion bar. But not every car has it.


It is especially important to ensure all sides of the tires are even; it is very dangerous to drive a car with an uneven tire. It could damage important parts of the vehicle and cause accidents when driving. You must do a test drive after the modification.

The procedure is very easy and will cost you little to nothing. Alternatively, handing the job to a professional for the modification will cost you $100. 

3. Lower With a Lowering Spring ($250)

Replacing your coil springs with lowering springs is considered one of the most reliable ways to lower cars.

However, this method of lowering a car is not as cheap as the previously mentioned methods (but it can still be cheap – depending on the brand of lowering springs).

Installing lowering springs will cost between $100 to $700 depending on what type of lowering spring you will be getting. Labor fee will cost an extra $100 if you are considering sending it over to your local professional shop.

Instead of going through the stress of cutting the stock springs of your car, you can order for a new and shorter spring. This method is considered a safer technique because cutting the coil spring of your car can easily damage the spring. It is why people are advised to get a new shorter spring.

The shorter springs are stiff and promote better handling when driving. It gives your car a sportier look, making it a popular way of lowering a car. 

In this aspect, I will be showing you a detailed guide to installing a lower spring in your car.


Guide To Install A Lowering Spring. 

Tools Needed

  1. Jack/ Jack stand
  2. Spring compressor 
  3. Wrench 
  4. Hand tools 
  5. Tire chocks  


A step-by-step guide to Install a Lowering Spring

  1. Find the right lowering spring for your vehicle. You should consider some factors before buying a lower spring:- length of spring, budget, etc.
  2. Make sure your brakes are on, then move on to jack up the car.
  3. Remove the lug nuts on the tires and then remove the tires.
  4. Remove the sway bar. It can be found at the lower part of the control arm. 
  5. Then proceed to disconnect the shock absorber 
  6. Compress the spring using a spring compressor 
  7. Once the springs are well compressed, remove all bolts. 
  8. Remove spring from the compressor by loosening the screw on the compressor slowly.
  9. Compress the new spring by using a spring compressor 
  10. Install the needed accessories; bolts and more from the old spring 
  11. Install the new springs in the same position as the old one. 
  12. Further raise the car to align the suspension and its components adequately.
  13. Attach the control arm to the ball joint 
  14. Unscrew the tightened screw compressing the spring and allow it to expand 
  15. Install the removed shock absorber 
  16. Install other parts of the car removed in the process of installing the new spring,
  17. Repeat in other sides of the vehicle 
Image of Lowering Spring

Lowering springs are shorter than stock springs and should lower your car.

After installing the new springs, do take the car for a spin to ensure that nothing went wrong during the installation process. 

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4. Lower With Coilovers ($1,000)

Coilovers are another great way to lower your car. The Coilover is a way to reduce the car’s centre of gravity.

Coilovers are adjustable – meaning you can reduce or increase the height of your car. Though, the adjustability of a coilover depends on the type you buy. Cheaper coilovers have lesser adjustability.

Also, when compared with the lowering spring, the Coilover will give a stiffer drive and lesser handling. But, the Coilover may give a greater solution for tackling your car’s body roll issues.


Guide To Lower Your Car Using Coilovers

Tools Needed:

  1. Jack stand 
  2. Wrench
  3. Hand tools 
  4. Tire chocks  


  A step-by-step guide to Lower your Car Using Coilovers 

  1. Park your car on an even surface to make the process easier for you. 
  2. Raise the car using a jack stand 
  3. Unscrew the nuts on the tires and then proceed to remove the tires of the car 
  4. Remove the lower part of the shock absorber from the control arm 
  5. Using a wrench, unscrew the lower body collar of the shock
  6. Then thread the upper body of the shock upward. The more you thread the lower the shock body, the lower the car’s height becomes. 
  7. Go on to repeat the process on the other sides of the vehicle
  8. Lower the car and make sure the car is aligned well
  9. Then take the car for a test drive. 
Image of KW Coilovers

Coilovers are adjustable and will allow your to lower your car. It’s the most expensive option though.

The coilovers are easy to install yourself, with fewer complicated steps and fewer tools needed. There are plenty of videos on YouTube that actually shows you how it’s installed.

Good coilover brands should include everything you need – so it’s quite easy to install if you have some experience.

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Getting an upgrade like lowering your car can be very difficult sometimes. Numerous types of these upgrades can be found, and finding a cheap and reliable one is difficult.

Most cheap modifications are seen as unreliable, and people believe that having a cheap way of lowering your car may damage the car. It is not true; you do not need to worry about anything with the list above, as long as you follow the steps to install them properly.

The cheapest way to modify your car is to carry out the modifications yourself. The steps are easy, and you do not need to be a professional to understand and carry out these steps. All you need is a little knowledge of car parts and your tools, and you are good to go. 

You should make sure that you put on safety gear before carrying out these processes and follow the instructions. If you find it difficult to understand the process, you can give a professional, which will cost you $100.  

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