Ifandi is a project manager, author and co-founder of carperformanceboss.com. He has helped numerous enthusiasts enhance their cars to their maximum potential through this blog.

My Work Story

My work story is pretty typical. I have been working in the tech industry and I spend every other time writing content for my blogs. I really enjoy both tech and automotive – which makes me kind of a geek.

My Personal Story

I’m a pretty simple and normal guy. I was raised in a family that owned and operated a car spare-part business in Indonesia. We used to sell a variety of things like batteries, windshields, clutches, brakes, and exhausts – almost the whole things in your car.

That business is unfortunately no more. But I was able to spend the majority of my early years and car and its parts (which inevitably triggered the passion in me).

Now I am working full time as a project manager in a tech company and blogging part time through my various blogs!

I am generally a curious guy who likes to try new things. I created this blog to share my experience my learnings about cars – which I hope could help any car enthusiasts out there.