Meet Our Team

Hi There! Ifandi and Wei Jun are the team behind They are both avid car fans and have been tinkering around cars since young ages.

Throughout your car journey, you will definitely have doubts and questions. When that happens, head over to this blog and we are sure your questions will be answered!

We cover everything around cars and the automotive industry. This includes performance mods, maintenance tips, how to fix your cars and even driving techniques.

Image of Ifandi Salim

Ifandi Lim

Co-Founder | Author

Coming from a family who operated a car spare-parts shop, Ifandi has been exposed to cars and its internals since young. Although the shop is no longer in business, ifandi's passion in automotive remains.

He wishes to still learn about cars and share his knowledge and thoughts through

Wei Jun

Co-Founder | Author

Wei Jun is a car enthusiast through and through. In his spare time. he often experiments with unusual mods like drilling holes in his exhaust or running with a rich mixture to get some exhaust backfire.

In his other spare time, he likes to travel and discover new places and of course.... new cars.