Are Coilovers Universal: How To Get the Right Fit

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Coilovers are the part of automobile suspension systems that perform the job of shock absorber and damper. Coilovers consist of a damper and a spring that encircles the damper. 

Coilovers are different from the stock shock absorber in many ways. Coilovers are found on many vehicles such as off-road trucks and even on RC cars.

I have used coilovers in almost every vehicle I owned. This provides many perks like height adjustability, damper setting and many more. Coil overs range from cheap to expensive depending on the brand and feature.

Coil overs are of two types

  • Full coil overs 
  • Slip-on coil overs

Full coilovers are made complete and matched with factory shock absorbers and need no assembly. While slip-on coil overs come with the separate spring and the assembly is done while installing. In this blog we are going to answer some questions related to coilovers.

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Do coilovers fit all cars?

Coilovers can be fitted in any car because coilovers only replace the stock shock absorbers so every vehicle that has a shock absorber can be fitted with coilovers.

Every car that contains a shock absorber can be fitted with the coilovers and some cars even come with the factory fitted coilovers. Most coilovers are after market and can be bought according to the budget you have. They vary from cheap to expensive depending on the brand you are going for.

Some old vehicles may not have model specific coilovers but you can fit different model’s coilover with very little to no modifications in the suspension system. But these are rare in number.

Some models have custom made coilovers and these perform the job and are relatively cheaper.

Coilovers Anatomy

Are all coilovers the same?

All coilovers are not the same. coilovers vary on the basis of the features they possess and the vehicle they are used in.

For most of the cars there are single tube coilovers while for the off-road vehicles there are twin tube coilovers. On the basis of features, there are different types of coilovers that are given below.

  1. 2-way coilovers offer two features that are independent low-speed compression and low-speed rebound control.
  2. 3-way coilovers offer high speed rebound and it is tunable.
  3. 4-way adjustable coilover features independent rebound and compression adjustments at both low and high shock speeds.

4-way coilovers are the most advanced and provide maximum features that are good for drift and drag and provide better grip to the vehicle.

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Is coilover springs universal?

In majority cases the coilover spring is Universal. If you know the internal diameter required for the coilover you can put any spring of the same diameter and it is going to perform the job well.

Most of the coilovers springs are interchangeable, for example many coilovers for Honda are almost the same and can be fitted in many vehicles like Civic and Integra. The only thing that matters is the internal diameter of the spring. If the diameter is according the specs, you can put any spring in the coilovers

In rare cases you may have to buy certain springs and these are not universal and can only be for the specific coilovers.

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Do all coilovers adjust the same?

All coilovers do not adjust the same; each coilovers has different settings depending on the type and brand of the coilovers. Each coilover has different features and different settings from the rest so you need to adjust them accordingly.

Every coilover is different from the rest in terms of features and settings so they all adjust differently. For example, some coilovers offer camber settings while others do not have. Some have a caster angle setting and some do not have caster setting.

Each coilover has its own way of working depending on the work you are going to get from them. So, you always look for the right coilover according to the output of the vehicle and adjust them accordingly

Some coilovers offer very minimum features and for these you do not need any expert but for the advanced features adjustability you may need some expert to get the job done. But most of the coilovers are DIY.

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How do I know what coilovers I need for my car?

Coilovers in the market are available according to the model of the vehicles. You can get any model in the market and can be fitted bolt on. Different brands provide different warranty so get the one that suits you most.

Selection of coilovers entirely depends on the output you are going to get from the vehicle. If the purpose is stance, then you can buy some cheap coilovers they will do the job well. But if you want them for the performance purpose then you must go for a branded product and with maximum adjustability features because these will provide you better results.

Another advantage of branded products is the warranty and reliability. This will be worth the price you are spending. Always check for the instructions before buying and complete guidance is a must thing to get.

Final Thoughts

Coilovers are a cheap and effective method to get the job done while modifying your vehicle. You can easily get the desired product from the market and the installation is also an easy job. No matter what you drive, coilovers are going to improve the ride quality and you will get the maximum output.

Most of the parts of the coilovers are interchangeable and you can get the matching part easily. Choosing the right coilover according to the output you need from the vehicle is necessary because if you do not choose the right one you are going to damage the suspension and the out-put is also very poor. For the selection get the complete guidance from the experts or from the forums and then buy the right product.

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