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Exhaust Silencers On Performance & Mileage: Is It Bad?

Exhaust silencers typically reduce the performance of your car by a little. Removing exhaust silencers through “muffler delete” can gain you 5-10 horsepower.  As for gas mileage, exhaust silencers do not impact gas mileage enough for it to be noticeable. Exhaust silencers do add some backpressure that could theoretically reduce…
Ifandi L.
July 10, 2021

Open Headers 101: Horsepower, Sound & Engine Impact

An open header is when your car runs only through the exhaust headers.  This means no exhaust pipe, no catalytic converters and no mufflers. Exhaust gases come out to the open air directly from exhaust headers. Open headers may increase your horsepower ratings by a big margin - about 30-40…
Ifandi L.
June 21, 2021
Cold Air Intake

Cold Air Intake Vs Air Filter: Usage, Power, Sound & Cost

When compared, cold air intake provides more horsepower and better sound improvement than air filters. Generally, cold air intake can provide 20 additional horsepower and a unique sound during acceleration.  Whereas air filters can provide up to 10 horsepower with minimal sound improvement (if using an open pod filter). However,…
Ifandi L.
June 19, 2021

Blown Coilovers: Symptoms & The Fix

Your coilovers are likely blown if you have the following symptoms: More bounce on speed bumps Visible oil leakage More body roll when cornering Of course there’s a lot more to it. As a long time user of coilovers myself,  I have had my fair share of blown / broken…
Ifandi L.
June 6, 2021

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