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Straight Piping On Diesel Engine: Horsepower, Sound & Cost

Straight piping a diesel means deleting emission controls such as catalytic converter, resonator, O2 sensors, and muffler – to increase the exhaust airflow of your truck. Straight piping comes with different key benefits such as better fuel economy, back pressure reduction, and better exhaust flow which allows gasses to pass…
Chai WJ.
February 22, 2022

Louder Turbo: 7 Ways To Make Your Turbo Louder (With Cost)

You can make your turbo louder and more aggressive by installing aftermarket parts.  Simplest, you can opt for a turbo muffler delete, which replaces your stock turbo compressor outlet with a less restrictive version. But we are looking into more turbo noise… Personally, I have installed a bigger turbo to…
Chai WJ.
August 8, 2021

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