Straight Piping On Diesel Engine: Horsepower, Sound & Cost

Straight piping a diesel means deleting emission controls such as catalytic converter, resonator, O2 sensors, and muffler – to increase the exhaust airflow of your truck. Straight piping comes with different key benefits such as better fuel economy, back pressure reduction, and better exhaust flow which allows gasses to pass…
Chai WJ.
February 22, 2022

Header Wrap 101: Horsepower, Sound, Damages, & Rusting

Header wrap is the material used to wrap the header pipes that helps to retain heat inside the pipes. It also serves as heat resistant and helps to minimize the under-hood temperature of the vehicle. These are mostly useful in race cars but can be used in common vehicles for…
Ifandi L.
February 9, 2022

5 Best Exhaust For Horsepower Compared (+ Cost & Sound)

Seeing multiple aftermarket exhausts in action made me curious about which aftermarket exhaust is best for enhancing a car's horsepower and how different aftermarket exhausts perform in comparison to one another. So, let’s dig in. In no particular order I will specify the various aftermarket exhaust systems that are known…
Ifandi L.
February 6, 2022

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