Muffler Makeover: Costs & Installation For Every Vehicle Type

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When installing a muffler, the type of vehicle plays a significant role in determining the type of muffler you will use. For instance, a Truck will use a more oversized muffler like the Flowmaster 50 series big block, which will cost about $270 (without installation).

Whereas a Minivan will use something much smaller like a Flowmaster 40 or 50 series that costs around $150 (without installation). They both come at different prices, as the truck muffler is expected to be more expensive. 

Personally, I have changed my muffler to a Flowmaster 50 series delta flow for my Lexus SUV. It cost about $250 for the muffler installation. The sound was moderate, and the gas flow improved significantly.   

That said, I remember a time when I was endlessly researching the internet to find the cost for a muffler and the installation, so I know how much I needed to save. This article serves that purpose. Hopefully you won’t have to waste your time searching and get your answer here.

In this article, I will go through the approximate cost of the muffler for your vehicle and how much it costs to install it. Let’s start with the summary table.

Note: If you are thinking of replacing your muffler, it is a good idea to first learn more about mufflers (rather than just the costs). Is it even what you need? Refer to my articles below:

Cost To Install Different Muffler Types & Duration

Vehicle Type Parts Cost Labor Cost Install Duration
Truck $200-$270 $100 1-2 hours 
Sedan $100-$140 $100 30-60 minutes 
SUV $140-$170 $100 60 minutes 
Minivan $100-$140 $100 30-60 minutes
Station Wagon $100-$140 $100 30-60 minutes 


Truck: Muffler Installation Cost & Duration


Depending on many factors, mufflers under this category for trucks will cost between $200 and $270 (+$100 for labor). It will take between 1 to 2 hours to have the installation done. 

Regarding trucks, you need a bigger muffler that can handle the level of gasses that the engine will produce. It is why heavy-duty or semi-heavy-duty mufflers are created for trucks. 

A Truck tends to make a louder sound because of its combustion process. It creates more noise and produces more glasses because they have a more powerful engine when compared to SUVs, Sedans, and more. It is because they are mainly used for heavy-duty purposes. 

A truck needs a unique type of muffler that is more extensive and can dampen the sound waves from the engine. It is why the introduction of heavy-duty mufflers. Heavy duty mufflers are bigger and can handle the large number of gasses created by the Trucks engine. 


If you want to change the muffler on your Truck, you should budget between $200 and $270.

However, the muffler’s cost could vary depending on certain things, like the material used in making the muffler and the type. This price is for regular mufflers, not high-end ones. 

A muffler like the Flowmaster 50 series big block will be a perfect size for Trucks. It is large and can handle the sound waves from the Truck’s engine. 


The cost of labor is usually $100 or more. Its labor cost could increase due to other problems that the professional might discover during the muffler change and your particular truck model.

Total Cost 

The total cost will be $370 to change the muffler of a truck. In this case, the cost of getting a new muffler is $270, and the cost of labor is $100. 

Installation & Duration

It will take 1 to 2 hours to replace a truck muffler on a truck due to heavy truck mufflers. 

Installing a muffler on a truck is relatively straightforward. It deals more with removing nuts, fitting the muffler into the exhaust pipe, and tightening the nuts back. 

To replace the truck’s muffler, the steps would be generally like below:

  1. Disconnect the battery and jack the vehicle. 
  2. Locate the screws or nuts at the inlet and outlet of the muffler.
  3. Spray with penetrating fluid and loosen the nuts. Do this for both sides and slide the muffler out easily.
  4. Slide in the new mufflers and tighten the nuts. Ensure that the muffler is stable and not shaking. 
  5. Ensure that the nuts are correctly tightened, and your muffler is good to go.

Sedan: Muffler Installation Cost & Duration



For a sedan muffler, you should budget about $100 to $140 (+ $100 for labor). It will take between 30 to 60 minutes to have the installation done.  In the case of a Sedan vehicle, you do not need a heavy-duty muffler or something too big. A quiet or moderate sound muffler will be okay for a Sedan vehicle.

A budget like this will get you a silent or moderate sound muffler. If you are looking for something more aggressive, it will cost you more. I recommend looking into Flowmaster Super 50 if you want a moderate growl for a daily driver. Look into Flowmaster 50 if you want aggressive sound.


The cost of getting a muffler for your sedan vehicle will be between $100 to $140. Remember that the brand and other factors may influence the cost of the muffler. The price above is for a regular muffler for your Sedan vehicle and will give a silent or moderate sound. 


The labor cost to install a muffler on a sedan is usually $100 or more depending on the professional you will be giving and other modifications that will be done with the replacement. 

If you have a muffler tune and other modifications are done on the exhaust system, it could cost more than the above-stated cost. For only a muffler change, it will cost $100. 

Total cost 

The total cost of installing a muffler on a sedan will be about $240. Buying a new muffler suitable for your Sedan is between $100 to $140. The cost of labor will be around $100. 

Installation & duration 

Installing a muffler for your Sedan will take between 30 to 60 minutes because it is pretty straightforward, and the muffler is not heavy and can be installed by one person. 

To install the muffler on a sedan, the steps are generally like below: 

  1. Jack the vehicle.
  2. Loosen the nuts at both sides of the muffler and slide the old muffler out of the vehicle. 
  3. Slide in the new muffler and bolt it in properly. 

In some cases, the muffler could rust and will need to be cut to remove it. To do so, you will need to cut off the rusted parts using a power tool. Then slide in the new muffler. 

SUV: Muffler Installation Cost & Duration


An SUV muffler change could cost you between $140 to $170 (+ $100 labor cost). It will take about 60 minutes to have a muffler installed.  

For an SUV, a Flowmaster 50 series Delta Flow Chambered muffler would be suitable. It has a moderate sound and a series of mufflers to choose from.

SUVs are closer to the truck and sometimes are mistaken for trucks. They have some off-road capacity, but they are mainly used as a family, work, or passenger vehicle. 

For a vehicle like this, you need a muffler offering enough airflow for the engine, like a chambered muffler – you generally don’t use aggressive mufflers on an SUV.


Buying a muffler for your SUV will be between $140 and $170. Get a muffler that will give a proper gas flow and provide a moderate sound for your vehicle. A suitable muffler that falls in this category is the Flowmaster 50 series chambered muffler. 

Remember that the price is not constant and can be influenced by other factors. You should budget the highest recommended amount, which will be $170.


The labor cost to install a muffler on an SUV is always $100 or above, depending on other modifications that will be done with the replacement of the muffler. 

The labor cost could also be influenced by other complications encountered while installing the muffler, like rusted or damaged exhaust parts. 

Total cost

The total amount you are expected to spend getting a new muffler for your SUV will be around $320. 

The cost to buy a muffler will be between $150 and $170. The cost of labor will be around $100 or more. 

Installation & duration 

It will take about 1 hour to install a muffler on an SUV. The installation process for your SUV is about the same as the sedan. What might affect the installation process might just be the position of the muffler. 

Minivan: Muffler Installation Cost & Duration


A minivan muffler change will cost between $100 to $140 (+ $100 labor cost). It will take between 30 to 60 minutes for installation.

A Minivan does not need a muffler that is too big because it does not create the same level of exhaust gasses as Trucks and SUVs. A minivan is mainly used as a passenger vehicle and can not be used for off-road activities or towing. For this kind of vehicle, a Flowmaster 40 series would be suitable.


A suitable muffler for a minivan is between $100 and $140. With this, you can get a regular muffler, suitable for the Minivan, that will produce a silent or moderate sound. 

You will get a chambered muffler with this muffler capable of providing a good gas flow for your Van while giving a moderate or silent sound. 


Getting a professional to change the muffler still costs $100 or more. The cost of getting a professional to change the muffler is not normally fixed with all mechanics; some may have a higher charge than others. 

It depends on certain factors, including how known or trusted the mechanic workshop is in the community. The cost of labor may become higher than others. 

Total cost 

The total cost to change the muffler in a minivan will be $240.  This cost includes the cost of buying a new muffler and getting a professional to have the muffler changed. You should budget about $140 for a new muffler and $100 for labor. 

Installation & duration

The time to get the muffler replaced on a minivan should be between 30 and 60 minutes. If there are further complications, it could take more time.  

Changing the muffler on a Minivan is easier than you think, except you will be using power tools for cutting the exhaust pipes and welding. 

To install the muffler on a minivan, the steps are generally like below:

  1. Disconnect the battery and proceed to jack your vehicle. 
  2. Loosen any bolt and slide the old muffler out. 
  3. Slide in the new muffler, tighten the necessary nut, lower your vehicle, and you are good to go. 

Station Wagon: Muffler Installation Cost & Duration

Station Wagon

A station wagon muffler change will cost between $100 to $140 (+ $100 labor cost). It will take between 30 to 60 minutes to get the installation done, without having to weld.

A station wagon does not create as many exhaust gasses as a truck and SUV. Just like the Minivan, the Station Wagon will require a regular muffler, which could be Chambered to provide silent or moderate sound.

The Flowmaster 50 series Delta Flow or the Flowmaster 40 series could be a good choice


Getting a suitable muffler for your Station Wagon will be between $100 and $140. 

This price is for a regular muffler that will give your Station Wagon a moderate sound. The cost of getting a muffler for your vehicle could increase if you were getting more silent or aggressive mufflers. 


The labor cost still stands at $100 or more if you add more modifications. Other modifications or repairs to the exhaust system will increase the time spent on installing the muffler.  

Installation & duration

It will take between 30 and 60 minutes to get this done if the muffler is bolted in. However, it could take between  2 to 3 hours if you would be cutting the muffler and welding.  

Muffler change on the station wagon is like with the Minivan or Sedan. If you have a welded muffler or one stuck due to rust, you may need power tools to remove the muffler from the exhaust pipe.

However, if the muffler is placed on a hanger and bolted, you will need to unscrew the bolt or nuts and remove the muffler. Slide in the new muffler and bolt it back in. 

Does It Cost More To Install Dual Mufflers?

Dual muffler

Dual mufflers can be more expensive to install because they have a more complex design when compared with single mufflers. 

How expensive the muffler is will depend on the type of muffler, and size, among other things. It is why you may see a single muffler being more expensive than a dual muffler, and they could belong to two different categories or types of the muffler. 

A dual muffler is more expensive than a single muffler belonging to the same category or type. For instance, a dual-chambered muffler will cost more than a single-chambered muffler. A dual muffler will provide a better gas flow and sound when compared to a single muffler. Dual mufflers are expected to sound more aggressive or louder than a single muffler. 

Also, some types of dual mufflers are designed to have two separate exhaust systems. It means they are two different mufflers and exhaust pipes. They may share the same catalytic converter. Mufflers like this are usually more expensive but provide a better gas flow than other muffler types. 

Can You Install Muffler Yourself?

Installing a muffler yourself is possible but could be tricky, require power tools, and must be done with care. Any mistake made to the muffler could cost you both the muffler and other parts of the muffler, which means extra cost

Installation of a new muffler is meant to be straightforward. Unfortunately, in most cases, it is not so because of the position of the muffler and its exposure to water, hot gasses, and other foreign elements; the muffler parts could get rusted. 

When the muffler part is rusted, it is challenging to remove the muffler; in this case, you may need to use a power tool to remove the muffler. After cutting the muffler, you also need welding skills to ensure that the muffler is fitted correctly into the cut part of the exhaust pipe. 

Handling power tools like cutting tools and welding equipment need experience in handling; Some of this equipment is expensive. Sometimes it would be best to have a professional do the work for you. 

However, if you have the equipment and understand how to use them, you can have the modification done yourself. 

Does Installing Muffler Require Welding?

Generally, you don’t require welding to install new mufflers using a series of bolt-on clamps. You will only need to weld if you have to cut some parts of the muffler pipes due to rusting.

A rusted pipe is brittle and can no longer be used. At which point, you will need to cut it off and replace it with a new set of pipes. 


Having a budget when buying any aftermarket parts for your vehicle, including the muffler, is essential. The budget helps you get precisely what you are looking for and saves you money. The budget will encompass the cost of getting the muffler and labor if you will not install the part yourself. 

Also, it would be best to consider the vehicle type when buying a muffler because each type may require a different muffler to work perfectly. For instance, if you drive a truck, you may need a more oversized muffler. 

It is because smaller mufflers will not be able to handle the exhaust gasses produced by the Truck engine. It may also be unable to properly dampen the sound waves created by the exhaust gasses from the engine.

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