Using Premium Gas: Does It Help Clean Carbon Buildup & CAT?

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Premium gas is fast becoming popular today as it comes with additives that add cleaning ability to reduce buildup in the combustion chamber, fuel injection, and other parts of the engine – including the exhaust.

Personally, I have used premium gas on my vehicle. Although, I did not notice any particular change in my engine performance or power output. However, I did notice that there was an improvement in my engine’s gas consumption.   

Does Premium Gas Clean Carbon Build Up?

Premium gas has detergent additive, which could reduce the rate of carbon deposit.

Premium gas can clean carbon buildup because it contains the necessary detergent additive, which could reduce the rate of carbon deposit. The detergent is present in both regular and premium gas, but it is more potent in premium gas. 

Premium gas is used in high-performing vehicles and provides a higher octane level. The octane enhances a more stable combustion in the engine, preventing the engine from experiencing damage or failure. The gas also contains more additives than regular gas, which makes it stand out. 

The additive in the premium gas also includes the detergent that allows the gas to better clean carbon buildup. EPA established the standard for detergent additives in gasoline in 1995. As a result, the level of detergent in gas dropped by 50%. 

This dropping of the detergent also led to a reduction in engine performance. It then caused a recognition of the importance of this detergent, causing an increase in the detergent, in particular, premium gasoline. 

Furthermore, the combustion system is prone to get contaminated by carbon deposits, leading to a drop in engine performance and the level of power the engine can generate. It is why a means by which you can clean the combustion system is needed. 

The detergent in the premium gas can form a protective layer around the combustion chamber’s walls. Once the detergent additive creates the layer, it dissolves any form of deposits like carbon. 

Manufacturers add chemicals like ethanol, alcohol, amines, octane, and many other substances. It reduces the level of contamination created in the engine due to the combustion and cleans the combustion chamber.

Although what causes the carbon buildup in the engine is not yet known, car manufacturers have recommended that drivers use premium gas. The premium gas does not just stop at the combustion system, it also cleans the fuel injector, intake valve, and other parts.

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Does Premium Gas Help Clean Catalytic Converters?

aftermarket high flowing catalytic converter

Lower temperature gas will extend the life of CAT

The premium gas does not clean the catalytic converter but offers other benefits that increase the longevity of your cat. 

First, premium gas takes longer to burn, bringing more time for the heat in the combustion to transfer to the exhaust system. The longer the time, the cooler the exhaust gasses traveling through the exhaust system. 

When cooler exhaust gasses flow through the pipes, the pipes and catalytic converter tend to last longer. Again, the gasses are not literally cold but hot enough to promote the converter’s efficiency and not cause damage. 

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Pros & Cons OF Using Premium Gas

Using premium gas for your vehicle comes with many advantages. The gas has some extra additive that gives it an edge over regular gas. At the same time, using premium gas comes with its disadvantages.  Below are some of the pros and cons of using premium gas.  

Pros Of Premium Gas

1. Extend the life of the engine

Using premium gas will guarantee a longer-lasting engine and parts. It is because the gas comes with substances that allow your engine to run smoother and better. 

The gas also ensures that the combustion in the engine happens as it is supposed to. When combustion timing is disrupted, your engine will consume more fuel than expected, reducing engine performance and causing the failure of engine parts. The risk of this happening with premium gas is small. 

2. Reduce carbon buildup

Premium gas contains more detergent additives when compared with regular gas. It means that your fuel system, alongside the combustion area, will better be cleaned of carbon deposits.

During the combustion process, the engine has deposits from ignited gas, and these deposits cause a reduction in the engine’s performance. Therefore, with the help of premium gas, you can eliminate the deposits in your engine combustion system.

3. High Octane level 

Premium gas contains a high level of octane, which brings many benefits to the engine. Octane helps the fuel resist pressure and premature combustion. It also comes with some other benefits that allow your engine to last longer. 

4. Reduce friction

Also, premium gas reduces the friction in the engine components, which is how the gas keeps the engine long-lasting and clean. 

5. Suitable for an older vehicle

People need to realize that premium gas has a lot of benefits for older vehicles. When used with older cars, it helps to remove deposits that must have accumulated over time. Then, all you have to do is fill up your tank with premium gas. 


Cons Of Premium Gas

1. Too expensive 

One of the disadvantages of premium gas is that it is too expensive compared to regular gas. It is one discouragement people face when wanting to get gas for their vehicles. However,  due to the extra additives and another improvement to the gas, its price is on the high side. 

2. It is not a necessity

Premium gas is not necessary for vehicles; it has many advantages, but your car can do without it.  



Q: Can You Just Switch to Premium Gas?

You can switch to premium gas without having any unnecessary processes done on your vehicle. Premium gas can be used on any vehicle and does not require any upgrade or added parts to your car.

If you need more clarification about the gas, you can try it out a little on your vehicle and observe the effect on your engine. Some people like to mix regular gas with premium gas to help them save costs. You can consult a professional to get better advice on what fuel is suitable for your vehicle type. 

Q: Does Fuel Quality Affect Catalytic Converter?

The gas quality you use for your vehicle will not affect the catalytic converter. The only way your fuel can affect your catalytic converter is if your engine runs too rich. In this case, fuel will easily get to the exhaust system and cause a backfire. 

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