Exhaust Bandages 101: How Long It Lasts & Will It Pass MOT?

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If used and applied properly, the Exhaust bandage should pass an MOT test. It is a reliable way to stop leaking on exhaust pipes.

After applying the exhaust bandage, ensure it is tightly sealed to prevent leak. You can observe for leaking sounds or take them to a professional for assistance. A quality exhaust Bandage should last a minimum of several weeks and up to months.

Personally, I have used an exhaust bandage on my straight pipes, and it worked perfectly and lasted for a long time. My vehicle still passed the MOT test. 

In this article, I am going to discuss exhaust bandages in detail and touch on points that are frequently asked in the car community such as how long it lasts and whether it is any good at all. Keep reading.


Will an Exhaust Bandage Pass MOT?

An exhaust bandage is a good way to fix leaks in the exhaust system and will pass MOT if done properly as long as the leaks are completely covered and gases do not escape from any part of the covered area.

Furthermore, the exhaust bandage is one of the most trusted options for sealing exhaust leaks. It works with adhesive and bandage to ensure that the leaks on the exhaust pipe are properly sealed. What is normally wrong with the exhaust bandage, and why many vehicles do not pass the MOT test after using it, is mainly because they do not know how to apply it properly. 

When using the exhaust bandage for your exhaust pipe, you are meant to consider two things: the type of exhaust bandage you will be using and the proper procedure to apply the bandage on the leaking exhaust.  

You must understand that the type of exhaust bandage you will use for your exhaust pipe is very important. Many people need to learn that each exhaust has a specified temperature range. The bandage is not used for an exhaust system beyond a certain temperature. It can easily get burnt, and when this happens, the leak will continue. At this point, your vehicle will not pass the emission test. 

Make a proper inquiry about the temperature range for your desired exhaust bandage. Also, ensure that you accurately understand the maximum temperature the exhaust system can reach. 

Also, another factor you should consider is how you apply the exhaust bandage. Many people do not apply the bandage as it should. It is why the bandage does not cover up the leaks properly, and exhaust gases still find a way to escape from the leaks. 

How Long Does Exhaust Bandage Last?

An exhaust bandage can last for several weeks or months – it  can serve as a permanent fix for your vehicle’s exhaust leaks. However, how long the bandage lasts depends on how large the leak is and how well you apply the bandage.  

Exhaust bandages can be quite durable if used properly. They can last for a very long time. However, it is best to have your exhaust welded for a more permanent solution to the leak. 

One of the factors that may be affected by how long you could use the exhaust bandage is the size of the leak. One thing you have to take note of is that the leaks will grow bigger even with the bandage covering their leaks. The bandage will not stop the increase in the size of the exhaust leak, but rather, it serves as a covering and stops leaks. 

If the leak size is large, it should be best if you use a bandage as a temporary fix before you get the leaks better sealed through welding or other means. Large leaks tend to expand faster, which will cause the leak to extend beyond the bandage.

Another factor that determines how long the exhaust bandage will last is how it is applied to the exhaust. There is a correct procedure to apply the bandage, and if not followed properly, the opening is created in the bandage area, which will cause another leak.

Is Exhaust Bandage Any Good?

The exhaust bandage is a reliable way to stop the leak in your exhaust. What determines how reliable the bandage will be is the size of the leak and where it is located. 

Exhaust bandages are good for smaller leaks, the bandage can cover up the leak, and it will take a little more time before it expands to a level where the bandage can no longer cover it. With bigger leaks, the exhaust bandage might not be as reliable as it would be with smaller leaks. Due to the exhaust gases and substances present in the gases, the pipe leaks will experience rust and begin to expand when the exhaust pipe is covered.

Also, there is some part of the exhaust system that you will fix the exhaust bandage that will only last for a short time. Any part of the exhaust system that runs too hot will not be good for the bandage and will ruin the bandage faster. If you have a modified engine like the turbocharged one and there is a leak in any pipes close to the engine, you should have the leak properly welded or replaced. 

If you want the bandage to last as it should, you must avoid using a cheap one. Cheap bandages are made with inferior quality and will not respond to the heat from the exhaust pipe well. It will easily get damaged by the heat and cause the pipe to leak.  


Will Exhaust Tape Fix a Leak?

Exhaust tape will be able to fix your exhaust leaks. Depending on where the leaks are, the exhaust tape can handle a good amount of exhaust heat, making it a good way to fix leaks in the exhaust pipes. Some exhaust tapes can handle the heat of up to 260 degrees Celsius. 

Also, the tape is an ideal way to stop larger leaks on exhaust pipes. All you need to do is extend the tapes beyond the leaks and ensure that you wrap them well. 

How Long Does Exhaust Tape Take to Dry?

How long the exhaust tape will take to dry depends on the type of tape you use. If the tape is instant dry, it should dry within 5 minutes of application; however, if you use regular tape, you will need a couple of hours to dry. Some tapes require up to 24 hours.  

Is an Exhaust Repair an Mot Failure?

Exhaust repairs should not fail MOT if done properly. They will only fail an MOT test if there is still a leak in the exhaust pipe, even if it is a minor leak. You must check properly for leaks before in the exhaust pipes after the repair. 

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