Impact Of Coilovers On Camber: Are They Adjustable?

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Coilovers, when installed, will most likely affect the camber of the vehicle. Since the Coilover is a popular way to lower a car, lowering it will give the car a negative camber. Negative camber is not bad for high-performance cars, but too much negative camber can be dangerous. You should bear in mind that the lower the car, the more negative camber your car has. 

When installing a coilover to your car, you can easily adjust the camber using a camber plate. If you do not want to use camber plates, you can opt for the adjustment knut located at the strut knuckle. 

wheel camber negative neutral and positive camber

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Do I need camber plates with coilovers?

Camber plates are not necessary when installing Coilovers. This is because the vehicle’s camber can be adjusted using the camber adjustment option provided by the car manufacturers.

Many car users believe that you need a camber plate when using Coilovers, which is not always true. The camber plates serve the primary purpose of acting as an adapter to help adjust the camber.

There are some ways to adjust your camber when installing Coilovers. One of them is opting for the camber adjustment provided by car manufacturers. It is a bolt that can be located on the strut knuckle. This bolt can help you adjust the camber. It is also necessary to know that this may not work for all cars.  

Another way to adjust the camber plates properly to fit with the Coilovers is to get a good alignment done on your car.

However, using a camber plate depends on what purpose you will be using the Coilover for in your car. If you are lowering your car below a certain level, we advise that you get the camber plates. It will prevent a negative chamber.   

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Do Coilovers Affect Cambers?

Coilover installation can affect cambers of your vehicle, especially during lowering. Your car may have a negative camber if lowered below a certain level.

When lowering your car using coilovers, there is a high possibility that your car’s chamber will be affected. Lowering the car using a coilover will give the car a negative camber. In case you do not know what negative camber is: A negative camber refers to the angle of the wheel where the bottom is pushed forward more when compared to the upper part. 

mono ss coiloversAlthough, having a negative camber might not be bad, especially for high-performance vehicles. It helps to promote better cornering. But you should also note that too much negative camber may increase the level of wear and tear of your tear.  

It is important to know that the lower you go, the more negative camber you have on your vehicle.   

Do Coilovers Have Adjustable Camber?

Many coilover products come with adjustable camber plates. This will help properly adjust the camber when installing the coilover. 

You can easily adjust your vehicle’s camera’s camber by installing the camber plates. The camber plates are installed to the top of the strut, which allows for better camber adjustment. Many coilover products come with camber, making it easier for users to install the coilover easily. 

Although, you must know that not all coilovers come with camber plates. The coilovers that come with camber plates can be more expensive than those without the camber plates.  

Do All Coilovers Adjust The Same?

All coilovers do not adjust the same; each coilovers has different settings depending on the type and brand of the coilovers. Each coilover has different features and different settings from the rest so you need to adjust them accordingly.

Every coilover is different from the rest in terms of features and settings so they all adjust differently. For example, some coilovers offer camber settings while others do not have. Some have a caster angle setting and some do not have caster setting.

Each coilover has its own way of working depending on the work you are going to get from them. So, you always look for the right coilover according to the output of the vehicle and adjust them accordingly

Some coilovers offer very minimum features and for these you do not need any expert but for the advanced features adjustability you may need some expert to get the job done. But most of the coilovers are DIY.

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Are Camber Plates Necessary For Coilovers?

Camber plates are not necessary for coilovers but can be used with coilovers. This is because there are other ways to adjust the camber, like using the adjustment knobs and proper alignment. 

The coilovers are great ways to lower your car, but this may affect your car’s camber by making them negative. Using camber plates is one way to resolve this problem, but this method is not always necessary. There are other ways to adjust your vehicle’s camber without using the camber plate. 

One method is by using the option provided by your car manufacturer. This option is the adjustment knob found on the strut knuckle. This knob can adjust the camber to suit the coilover installed. 

Generally, whether you need a camber plate depends on how low your vehicle will be due to installing coilovers. If your lowering will be significant, then you should get a camber plate.

Do You Need Control Arms With Coilovers? 

When installing a Coilover, you will need a rear control arm. You can use the stock control arms of your vehicle or opt for a new one.

The control arm is an important part of the car that links the steering to the frame. It also helps give your car a stable ride and allows the wheels to move uniformly with the chassis when driving.    

When installing a coilover, the control arm plays an important role keeping the camber in its right position. The camber will either have negative or positive positioning without the control arms. 

Can You Add A Camber With Coilovers?

Camber plates can be used for the coilover, and this will help solve the negative camber that the lowering of the car could cause as a result of coilovers. 

Although, camber plates are not seen as necessary when installing a Coilover, especially when the car will not be going too low. It is also not bad to use a camber plate with the coilovers. The camber plates serve as an adapter that helps adjust the camber. 

There are many models of cars, and they are built differently; some cars may not require the camber plates when installing coilovers. However, some models of cars may require a camber plate. It is a result of the fact that they have a greater negative camber when lowered with a coilover. 

Also, it is important that you properly install the coilover; this is a major cause of negative camber in cars.

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Final Thoughts

Coilovers are a great way to lower your car, but before installing them, you should consider factors like “would it affect my car’s camber?” Once this factor and other important factors are considered, then you can decide if the modification is the one for your car.

Coilovers will affect the camber, and the best way to fix the problem is to get a camber plate. Although the camber plates are unnecessary, they could prove useful.

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