Muffler Delete Vs Resonator Delete: Sound, Power & Cost

If you’re a car guy, there is no denying the fact that hearing loud cars swooshing by is your kind of music. Muffler delete and resonator delete are going to serve the same purpose. Making it louder… The most obvious difference between the two is the sound. Resonator delete may heard louder, droning may occur on lower speed.

I owned a 2010 Porsche 911. I thought it doesn’t sound great on stock. I did some sort of a muffler bypass called “Gundo Hack” by putting a bent pipe into the unused port and directing it to the centre muffler bypassing the side mufflers. It doesn’t drone and it sounded loud-ish. But, I’m not satisfied… I will write about my recommendations below.

Which is the best? Muffler Delete or Resonator Delete? You will learn more about both and the differences below.

Muffler Delete Vs Resonator Delete

Muffler Delete Resonator  Delete
Sound improvement Tamer Deeper
Horsepower Gain 5 – 10 horsepower 0 – 5 horsepower
Backpressure Little to no. But bad flow will decrease power. It does not reroute exhaust gases and therefore create less back pressure
Gas Mileage (MPG) No Impact Slightly
Tune required  No No. Ear plugs required.
Legal No Yes
Cost $50 – $250 Usually $100 or less. Could be higher around $300.

Sound Improvement: Muffler Delete Vs Resonator Delete

A muffler and resonator work together to decrease the volume of the vehicle. But there are a lot of people who want their cars to sound louder and meaner. Resonators are there to eliminate specific sound frequencies, and mufflers are used to soften all sound frequencies.

Obviously deleting both parts is going to make the car sound a lot louder. Resonator deletes will change your car’s signature sound note but not increase the volume level. However, the most notable down side is the droning. It will usually go away if you reach speed.

Horsepower Gain: Muffler Delete Vs Resonator Delete

Muffler delete can sometimes improve your car’s horsepower. It does not reroute exhaust gases and therefore create less back pressure and better efficiency. If you want to know how much power it gained, schedule for a dyno-test. I’d say expect 5 – 10 horsepower increase.

Resonator delete doesn’t add any power to most cars. Some cars will gain a little extra power, but not much, usually under 5 HP with that weight loss. It’ll have little to no backpressure. However, it will decrease your car’s horsepower if you have a bad exhaust flow.

Gas Mileage: Muffler Delete Vs Resonator Delete

Muffler delete will not impact gas mileage in any way. Muffler is a sound suppressing device that reduces the intensity of sound waves from combustion. If you just performed a muffler delete and noticed a change in gas mileage – then likely it’s caused by something else like malfunctioning O2 sensor or simply a placebo.

Check out this article about muffler delete and gas mileage.

Theoretically a resonator delete would reduce back pressure and increase horsepower, thereby reducing mpg. But only slightly… A resonator delete is not going to have a noticeable effect on torque or gas mileage with most cars.

Tune Required: Muffler Delete Vs Resonator Delete

You do not need a tune for a muffler delete and resonator delete. However, some tuning is required if you had previously changed any part that impacts the exhaust flow. Additionally, prepare a pair of ear plugs. (Haha!)

Legal: Muffler Delete Vs Resonator Delete

Any type of exhaust modification made behind the catalytic converter is legal. However, it’s illegal to get rid of the muffler as without them the exhaust note won’t stay within sound ordinances. Check your state and local laws, because some places have noise restrictions.

Cost: Muffler Delete Vs Resonator Delete

Considering muffler delete is illegal, it is a bit challenging to find a mechanic that is willing to do it. The parts usually cost around $50 – $150. If you look for the pros to do it for you, it’ll cost around $100 – $200.

Most vehicles can have a resonator delete completed with the mechanics for around $100 or maybe higher if welding is needed.

The only cost issue to consider is if you must cut out the device, then weld a new straight pipe to replace it. That can push the cost upwards of $300 in some regions.

Here’s an exhaust replacement pipe from Amazon. You definitely need this, regardless of muffler or resonator delete.

Which One Should You Do? Muffler Or Resonator Delete

Well, it can be very tough to choose which ones are the best one for you. Muffler delete is definitely the most popular modification, as it sounds louder while also can improve your vehicle mileage by decreasing its weight. 

For resonator delete, some might say it alters too much of their original car’s signature sound and make it meaner and louder. If you fit into this category, this is definitely for you. However, droning sounds can become annoying if driven slowly.

Are Glasspack Mufflers Louder Than Regular Mufflers?

Glasspack mufflers are a lot louder than regular mufflers. There is no comparison between the two. 

Regular mufflers are made to be environmentally friendly and also aid the fuel economy. Glasspack mufflers on the other hand are made for performance and sound. 

Moving directly from regular stock mufflers to glasspacks will probably give you a shock. So hear the comparison videos on YouTube first before making any decisions.

My Recommendation: Muffler Vs Resonator Delete

I recommend not doing any. To me, the sound gets louder but is not as good. I’d recommend you to swap out the stock muffler with an aftermarket option that can boost performance and give your exhaust a more aggressive sound or you can install parts that are designed for sound but also cheap like exhaust tip, or even cold air intake.

Check out this article to make cars louder for cheap for more ideas.

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