Are Bigger Exhaust Pipes Louder?

Aftermarket exhaust that you see on loud cars are often bigger than the stock ones. Are they bigger because of the sound? Or something else? Let’s discuss the size of exhausts and the sound they make in this article. If you are too lazy for the details, bigger exhaust pipes…
Ifandi L.
October 18, 2020

Coilovers Vs Wheels: Which One To Get First?

“I finally saved up enough. Do I go coilovers or wheels first?” This question comes up very often but for a good reason. Both wheels and coilovers improve handling and can make your car an instant head-turner. But if you have to choose just one? You should get coilovers first…
Ifandi L.
October 16, 2020

Should You Get An Alignment After Coilovers?

Coilovers are super fun and will definitely give you killer handlings. But that is only if you install them right! In this article I want to discuss whether you need to realign your car after coilovers installation (and many more stuff of course). If you don’t want the details, then…
Ifandi L.
October 11, 2020

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