Coilovers Vs Stock Suspension: Weight, Comfort & Ride Quality

The purpose of coilovers is to lower the car so that you get optimal weight distribution and reduced body roll. Lowered vehicle ride provides more efficient balance that helps the vehicle perform better on sharp manoeuvres. Question comes here, coilovers are known for their excellent performance, why don't most manufacturers…
Chai WJ.
June 23, 2022

Impact Of Coilovers On Camber: Are They Adjustable?

Coilovers, when installed, will most likely affect the camber of the vehicle. Since the Coilover is a popular way to lower a car, lowering it will give the car a negative camber. Negative camber is not bad for high-performance cars, but too much negative camber can be dangerous. You should…
Chai WJ.
April 1, 2022

Does Lowering Or Lifting Suspension Improve MPG? (Car & Truck)

Lifting your car suspension will reduce gas mileage - whereas lowering it will increase gas mileage.  A lifted suspension will get more wind resistance, resulting in reduced gas mileage. However, reduced suspensions will have lesser wind resistance and better gas mileage.  Personally, I have reduced the suspension on my Honda…
Ifandi L.
March 28, 2022
CoiloversLowering Springs

4 Cheap & Best Ways To Lower Your Car

Lowering cars is fast becoming a modification done by most car enthusiasts. People are always looking for modifications that do not just add to the performance of their cars but also to achieve a more sporty or aggressive look. This is one reason people opt to lower their cars or…
Ifandi L.
March 27, 2022

Are Coilovers Universal: How To Get the Right Fit

Coilovers are the part of automobile suspension systems that perform the job of shock absorber and damper. Coilovers consist of a damper and a spring that encircles the damper.  Coilovers are different from the stock shock absorber in many ways. Coilovers are found on many vehicles such as off-road trucks…
Chai WJ.
March 17, 2022

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