Air Filter

Alternatives To Clean K&N Air Filter: Is Soap & Water Enough?

Cleaning your Air filter is very important, a dirty air filter will affect your engine performance. K&N provides a Cleaning kit for their Air filters that helps you to clean and maintain the air filter from time to time.  However, most people (including myself) prefer using alternatives to cleaning because…
Ifandi L.
December 16, 2022

Will Changing Muffler Change Car Sound? (Louder Or Quieter?)

Mufflers are essential parts of the vehicle that significantly determine how the vehicle will sound. Stock mufflers can achieve a much more silent sound in vehicles. However, people opt to get high-performing mufflers that give their vehicles a more exotic sound.  Personally, I have changed the mufflers on my Honda…
Ifandi L.
December 16, 2022

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