If you are looking to improve your car’s handling without spending too much, then lowering springs are for you.  Some people may tell you to get coilovers.

Yes, they can provide much better handling and customization but they also come at a much steeper price. A decent coilovers costs about $1,000 whereas a good lowering spring costs about $250

Pro tip from me – if you have limited budget and wondering whether you should go for a good lowering springs or cheap ebay coilovers, then go for good lowering springs.

You will save yourself tons of headache. Plus, good quality lowering springs can provide you with much improved handling and the aggressive look by lowering your car.

I am a firm believer in only purchasing mods from reputable brands and so should you. They ensure your car runs at optimal condition and lasts a long time.

This is especially true for lowering springs – because they could be the hardest working component in your car. 

With all that being said, my go to lowering springs are the Eibach Pro Kit Springs (Amazon affiliate link). Before we get to exactly why, let’s first discuss what you need to look for when buying lowering springs.

Eibach pro kit spring

What to Look For In Lowering Springs?

Drop Rate

Drop rate is how far the springs will lower your car. I recommend to not lower your car so much – especially if the car is a daily driver.

A car that’s lowered too much will have difficulty going through bumps and potholes. The number really depends on your car and your preference – but as a general rule of thumb, I would go for 1 to 1.5 inch drop.

This amount of drop will make your car more aggressive but still high enough to go through speed bumps without problems.

Spring Rate

Spring rate is how much force is needed to compress the spring by 1”. In simple terms, spring rates control two things:

  • How much body roll a car is going to experience on a corner.
  • How much pressure can the car absorb from bumpy roads. 

Spring rates could be linear or progressive:

  • Linear spring rate is when the springs are uniform throughout. 250 lb / in spring rate means it takes 250 pound of force to compress the spring by 1 inch no matter the situation.
  • Progressive spring rate is when the spring rates vary from the bottom of the spring towards the top – which means the spring rate increases as you compress the spring.

Linear spring rates are common in coilovers because they are meant for racing and track. The amount of body roll and acceleration squat must be consistent – so the driver can expect them during a race.

Progressive spring rates are common for lowering springs. When your car is at its normal state (not compressed), the spring rate is low – making it a comfortable drive.

When your car takes a corner and compresses the spring, the spring rate becomes high – making it tight to reduce body roll and significantly improve handling.

With these benefits, I recommend you to get lowering springs with progressive spring rates. Lowering springs are a much cheaper option to lower your car and they are very popular for daily drivers.

I suppose you are looking for lowering springs for your daily driver. Otherwise, you should have more budget and spend it for coilovers if it’s for your track cars.


As I mentioned, springs could be the hardest worker in your car. They need to withstand all that pressure when you corner, accelerate and break. I would always look for springs that have a lifetime warranty.

I believe warranty represents the manufacturer’s confidence in their product 🙂 . If your chosen springs do not have warranty, then it should at least have a 5-year warranty. 

Customer Reviews

Customer reviews are always the most important thing to look at. You just have to make sure the reviews are from real customers – and not some planted reviews.

For this, ensure the springs of your choice have at least 4/5 ratings and at least 500 customer reviews. You can find these reviews in online stores like Amazon or AutoAnything. 

Also look for customer reviews in forums or YouTube videos. I am sure you can find plenty of reviews – especially if your springs of choice are from reputable brands.

Before and after videos are also great. It tells you clearly what you get from the product.

Ease Of Installation

Lowering springs shouldn’t be too hard to install. But still, it’s always better to research everything beforehand 🙂 Preferably, the springs of choice should come with installation instructions.

But it’s also common for lowering springs not to come with one. If that’s the case, then look for installation instructions on YouTube. You should be able to find one if the springs come from a reputable brand. 

Pro tip is to read customer reviews from shops like Amazon or AutoAnytihng. Customers who buy performance mods often mention the installation process in their reviews. Did they have any problem installing it?

How long did it take? Did they need any additional tools? These are some of the things you should look for

Customer Reviews

Last but not least, always read the reviews on your coilover of choice. Best way to find reviews is to look at online stores like AutoAnything or Amazon and see what people are saying.

If you can’t find the reviews, then look for YouTube videos or forums. You shouldn’t skip this because real customer reviews are always the best!

My Recommendation: Eibach Pro Kit Springs

I recommend the Eibach Pro Kit (Amazon affiliate link) lowering springs for many reasons.

First off, Eibach is a very reputable brand in the suspension world. I would be surprised if you do not come across Eibach when searching for lowering springs.

Second, at about $300 Eibach Pro Kit spring  is not so expensive. They are relatively expensive if you compare it with Ebay springs.

But as I said, you should only buy car mods from reputable brands. $300 is okay for the improvements the springs provide.

Eibach Pro kit spring

I just covered all the things you should look for when purchasing lowering springs. Let’s see how the Eibach Pro Kit stands against them.

  • Drop rate. Eibach Pro Kit does not lower your car too much to the point where you have to worry of speed bumps. This value depends on your car, but Eibach Pro Kit lowers your car for about 1”. The same amount as I recommended.
  • Spring rate. Eibach Pro Kit equips a progressive spring rate. This means your car will still be comfortable to drive on the freeway as a daily driver but still provide improved handling when you take a corner or accelerate.
  • Warranty. Eibach Pro Kit comes with a million mile warranty. 
  • Customer Reviews. Eibach is a reputable brand and the Pro Kit springs have excellent customer reviews on AutoAnything. 5 star rating from 763 reviews. I am pretty sure you can find more customer reviews from forums and YouTube videos.
  • Ease Of Installation. Eibach Pro Kit is not that difficult to install. I mean, it’s just a lowering spring – nothing too complicated. But if you have troubles, I found a YouTube video that shows you how to install the Eibach Pro Kit.

I hope this article has been beneficial to you in finding the best lowering springs for you 🙂 Check out my other articles for car knowledge or more recommendations. Cheers!