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Does Lowering Or Lifting Suspension Improve MPG? (Car & Truck)

Lifting your car suspension will reduce gas mileage - whereas lowering it will increase gas mileage.  A lifted suspension will get more wind resistance, resulting in reduced gas mileage. However, reduced suspensions will have lesser wind resistance and better gas mileage.  Personally, I have reduced the suspension on my Honda…
Ifandi S.
March 28, 2022
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4 Cheap & Best Ways To Lower Your Car

Lowering cars is fast becoming a modification done by most car enthusiasts. People are always looking for modifications that do not just add to the performance of their cars but also to achieve a more sporty or aggressive look. This is one reason people opt to lower their cars or…
Ifandi S.
March 27, 2022

Does Supercharger Need Blow Off Valves? ( Vs. Wastegates)

Generally, a supercharger does not need blow off valves or wastegates. A supercharged engine is powered by the car's engine and uses forced induction that redirects pressure to the combustion system. It, therefore, does not need a blow off valve to reduce excess pressure.  Although some supercharger like Centrifugal superchargers…
Ifandi S.
February 17, 2022

Will Blow Off Valves & Wastegates Work On Diesels?

Blow off valves, and wastegates have and can be used on diesel engines but they are usually not used because diesels don’t have throttle plates that can be adjusted to regulate boost. My personal observation is that wastegate and blow off valves work pretty well on diesel engines; however, it…
Ifandi S.
February 16, 2022

Engine Brake 101: How To, Clutch Wear, Fuel Usage & Legality

Engine braking helps in slowing the car by releasing the accelerator pedal and not using the regular foot brakes. We all use engine braking on some level, whether we realize it or not; when you’re driving down a hill, and you downshift to get to a controlled stop quickly, you’re…
Ifandi S.
February 13, 2022

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