How Do You Clean Coilover Threads?

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So, you installed a pair of coilovers to improve the stance and the ride quality of your car, and you keep asking the question to yourself, Should I clean my coilover threads from time to time? Or maybe not?

 And If I clean them, what steps I need to take to perform this job the right way? Without damaging anything.

The short answer is Yes! You should definitely clean the aftermarket coilover threads on your car. 

There is only one way to clean coilover threads, and that is by brushing the coilover threads using a steel brush, wipe it clean with soap water and finally clear the dirt with pressurized water.

You can even go the extra mile and apply anti seize on your coilover threads to prevent rusting. This makes sure your coilovers last a long time.

Steps To Clean Coilover Threads

Before you start, here’s a list of items (or tools) you need to clean coilover threads:

  1. Pressurized water (water hose is also good enough)
  2. Steel brush
  3. Towel
  4. Car soap (any cheap ones will do)
  5. Car Jack
  6. Screwdriver to remove coilovers and tires


Note that you can simply clean your coilovers without removing them. But if you want a clean and new-looking coilovers, trust and follow my steps.

Now pay attention to the steps that you need to take in order to clean your coilover threads.

  1.  jack up your car, then just unscrew the bolts and remove the tire
  2. Use WD40 and a steel brush, to brush off the grime and dirt on the threads that buildup on the coilovers (especially during winter driving)
  3. Get your towel into the soapy water and start rubbing the coilover threads gently, you will see how the remaining dirt comes off and how they will start shining back like new.
  4. Spray coilovers with pressurized water or water hose
  5. Repeat step 1 to 4 for all sides until your coilovers look like new!

Reasons Why You Should Clean Coilovers

Good coilovers can cost a fortune, so it’s important to maintain them and keep them clean. Here is a full list of reasons why you should keep your coilovers clean regularly.

  1. Prevent rust buildup. Rust is definitely one of the biggest enemies of every vehicle. Not only do they look disgusting, rust makes your coilovers brittle. Worst case scenario, your coilovers breakdown while you drive.
  2. Prevents wear and tear. Clean coilovers are free from dust, sands and any other impurities. This keeps the longevity of your coilovers – making sure they are free from potential wear and tear damages.
  3. Looks amazing. Clean coilovers with sharp colors – hidden behind the tires and rims look absolutely amazing. Dirty coilovers won’t give you this look.
  4. Improve resale value. A good and clean coilovers can be sold for a higher price. Just in case when you decide to upgrade your coilovers!
Image of coilover

Clean coilovers last longer and just look gorgeous.

Why Do coilovers get dirty?

The biggest reason for coiovers to get dirty is through winter or wet driving. Winter is every car’s worst enemy. Many car parts are put to great risk of rust throughout the winter, because all of that water, mud and most importantly salt.

Salt is one of the worst things that eat through metal like butter, so if you live in a country where there is a lot of snow, there are probably huge amounts of salt on the streets. 

And that causes rust on the coilovers, it eats the metal really fast and ruins the good threads so cleaning them from time to time is a way to go in order to keep their life span longer.

5 Ways To Prevent Your Coilovers From Dirt And Rust

1. Coilover Covers

Coilover covers are a nice way to prevent dirt from building up on your coilovers. They are quite cheap and provide full protection for your coilovers.

If you want to invest some money into the longevity of your coilovers, getting some coilover covers are the best way to go. 

They are around 40$ for a pair and can ensure your coilover lasts a long time. Here’s a coilover covers I personally used from Amazon (Affiliate link)

Coilover Covers

Image of coilover covers


2. Anti Seize Product

Anti Seize products are going to help you with keeping the threads clean and rust free, mostly because rust doesn’t go through these solutions. Thus, keeping the surface of your coilovers safe from the common road dirt. 

Just apply the solution and move the collar up and down all the way in order for the product to get into the threads.

Make sure all the coilover threads are coated but don’t overapply – you have much surface area to cover!

Here’s the best selling anti seize from Amazon (Affiliate link). $10 a bottle – that’s not bad at all.

3. WD-40

WD-40 is a lubricant that’s used almost anywhere – and unsurprisingly, also used in coilover threads!

Apply WD-40 regularly on your coilover threads to prevent it from rusting. Although it doesn’t last a long time, WD-40 is a good replacement for anti seize products. 

Here’s a WD 40 from Amazon if you don’t have one lying around at home. Remember, it’s never wrong to get WD40!

4.  Avoid wet driving and puddles

If you have a sports car with coilovers, and if you don’t need to drive through wet areas  or mud then it’s better to keep the car in the garage and drive it on a nice Sunday sunny day.

Moisture on metal is the best way to cause rusting. And when it comes to coilover threads, rusting is your biggest enemy. 

Rusted coilover threads can no longer be adjusted. Which means you are stuck with brittle coilovers and the same setup you last had. 

My advice? Keep your coilover threads as clean as possible, to keep them alive.

How Often Should You Clean Coilover Threads

You should clean your coilovers once every 6 months – especially during spring or fall.  Clean them in fall to prepare for winter and clean them in spring to get all the dirt out after winter.

Winter is coilover thread’s biggest enemy, the conditions that your car has to put up are horrendous – all that mud, salt, and water will corrode and rust your coilovers in no time.

Coilovers are an important part of keeping your car safe on the road, mostly because the suspension keeps you on the road.

Clean your coilovers regularly (especially before and after winter).


To sum up, we can say that keeping your coilovers clean is the best way to make sure they last a long time. 

Cleaning them is quite easy and you only need a couple of inexpensive tools. If you are still not convinced, scroll up again and read on the reasons why you should keep your coilovers clean! 

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