Will Lowering Springs Void Your Warranty?

By November 2, 2020Lowering Springs

Lowering springs will not void your warranty. This is because you are protected by Magnuson-Moss Warranty act – a federal law that prevents dealers from unfairly voiding your warranty. To void your warranty, the dealer or seller must point out how exactly your aftermarket part is a direct cause to the issue.

This does not mean none of your warranty will be voided. You may still lose some warranty, but not all of it. For example, if you incorrectly installed lowering springs and cause issues in the suspension, your dealer can and will void the warranty for the suspension system.

The warranty you have on electronics like headlights and ACs should still apply. Unless they can prove how your installation is a direct cause of the issue. So although you are protected by Magnusson-Moss Warranty act, please be extra careful!

I cover Magnusson-Moss Warranty act in more detail in this article. Does Muffler Delete Void Warranty? I talk about muffler delete, but the portion about warranty still applies 100%.

Reinstalling Stock Spring For Warranty

Couldn’t you just reinstall the stock spring and then bring you car in for the warranty? This is a valid question if you are thinking of tricking the dealer 🙂

First of all, this may work only if you know how to swap out the springs. Otherwise, you will have to pay some money and have them done in a workshop. And this labor costs about $300? Pretty hefty for a game of chance.

Second, even if you managed to swap out your spring to stock, will the dealer be fooled? I don’t think so. These dealerships are already used with these kinds of inspections – I am sure they will be able to tell.

Anyway, this problem only comes if something bad does happen to your car! I don’t think it will. Installing lowering springs are pretty common and they wouldn’t introduce any major problems (if you don’t take it to the extreme and you know how to install them).

Potential Problems With Lowering Springs?

Installing lowering springs require you to take off the existing coil and shocks. This means you will be touching a lot of suspension components like caster / camber plating.  Many things could go wrong here.

Also not to mention that deriving with lowered height could bring other problems as well. I will list out the most common problems here so you can avoid them and rock your lowering springs without too much worry 🙂

1. Misaligned Wheels

Installing lowering springs could make your car misaligned – which can introduce a bunch of problems if you don’t fix it immediately. Some of the common problems below:

  • Uneven tire wear. One tire will have more pressure and contact on the road than the other – causing uneven tire wear. This can reduce cornering performance and can even be dangerous if left unnoticed.
  • Steering Pull. This means your car will not drive straight even if your steering wheel is. It’s not fun to drive and could be dangerous for the driver. There’s definitely no warranty on your safety.
  • Reduced Suspension Lifespan. Driving a long period with misaligned tires can put unnecessary pressure on your suspension. This can be expensive to fix and you won’t have warranty on the suspension anymore after installing lowering springs.

The solution is to just bring your car for an alignment after installing lowering springs.

car alignment
Car alignment

2. Quicker Wear On Tires & Suspension Parts

When driving too low, you put extra stress on the springs, shocks and other suspension components. Not to mention also you will have much higher chances of tires rubbing against other suspension components or the wheel arcs.

Over time, this accelerates the wear and tear on your tires and suspension system. Premature failure is also possible – when this happens, you won’t have the warranty anymore.

To avoid this, just make sure you don’t get low quality springs that can bottom out and don’t go too low. A drop of 1 to 1.5″ is enough to provide you with that lowered aggressive looks.

Check out this article where I discuss what you should look for when purchasing lowering springs. Good quality springs make sure you don’t go too low and bottom out. Best Lowering Springs: Which To Get And What To Look For?

13.5 inch car height
Miata with 13.5″ ride height.


As you see, you won’t void the entire warranty of your car just by installing lowering springs.

Don’t let me scare you away with the potential problems. They are likely to happen only if you use low quality springs or if you take things to the extreme.

If you follow my advices above, you should be fine 🙂 So now go ahead, get the lowering springs and install them! Your ride will look great.

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